Run Lake Merritt

4/18/11: 7 mi.
I thought I'd post this route because it's a nice 7-miler. Relatively flat with one gradual hill (up Linda) and a peaceful lap around the lake to balance out the traffic noise-filled other half of this route. It's also easy to remember because you stick to main roads.

4/20/11: 6.4 mi.

(2 laps around Lake Merritt)

Don't let anyone lie to you --the lake is not 3.5 mi., it's only 3.2.

= = =

I'm starting to get lazy to map out some of these runs, especially ones that involve laps of the lake. Any suggestions for blog-related ways to log miles? My mom gave me this cute little running journal, but I tend to lose journals. Also, making my mileage public makes me more accountable to tracking my progress because I feel like hot ish by bragging about each accomplishment. Not gunna lie.

= = =

I'm looking to do the following run this Saturday afternoon. Any takers? An even 10 miles, nice and scenic, and not too tough of an incline.

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