Water, Water, Everywhere

4/23: 10.1 mi (1 hr 40 min)

Took a swig of it at A
Stepped up my game at B to get myself closer to it sooner
I followed it from C-E
Surrounded myself by it at D
--here, the sound of it reminded me of long, hot showers, the kind of showers where I have to feign periodic "taking a shower" noises, like setting down a heavy bottle of shampoo, so that my roommates won't think I fell asleep or died in the shower --
Found a shaky dock called "Watergate"
Felt it start to come down at F
Stopped in for a drink of it at G
Became drenched by it shortly after as it fell harder from the sky
(incidentally, this happened at a street called "Ocean")
It made my shirt cling to me as I perspired at H
It inspired me to write this blog post at I
It's everywhere

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